Join us in our journey to the First Inclusive Metaverse !

There is currently a 3% fee on each transaction with $SHNEK. Fees are reinvest in marketing and developping the project!

We started just before New Year 2022 without any presales nor ICO at launch, this means everybody had equal chances !
That’s the mindest we wanted !

There a 3% burn rate on each transaction with the $SHNEK token. Decreasing supply over time, making the price to rise and encouraging $SHNEK holders to keep holding !

$SHNEK has been accepted in the Moonlift Capital’s Burning Frenzy support program ! This not only guarantee our significance but also is a real benefit for our community as fees gets burn when transactions are made on their DEX.


Buy/Sell tax free in $SHNEK for reinvestment

(Airdrop, liquidity and more)


Buy/Sell tax fees allocated for marketing and other paid promotions


Burning fees

(Moonlift’s burn not included)

The Rainbow Shibaneko Initiative

$SHNEK is the first transfluid token on BSC! Get it now and join the adventure for the first inclusive metaverse !

Shiba and Neko are respectively a dog and a cat. We know that usually dogs tend to chase away cats.

Through this token we will show that peace and freedom is possible. Everybody can be who s.he wants to be, either a cat, a dog, or both of them, like the shibaneko !

Through art, music, and memes we will spread tolerance among the crypto world ! We want to create a safe place for artists around the world that will let them share their art and their message of love ! NFTs, mini P2E games and more to come.. ❤️

So join us now on our social media and help us to 

#SpreadLoveAndTolerance ! 

$SHNEK is the token for all the peace seaker on earth, a symbol of inclusion showing that tolerance is stronger than wickedness. Both IRL and online, the Rainbow Shibaneko Initiative aims at changing our world for the better.

Our Roadmap

0 holder

Environment creation

✔ Token creation.

✔ Create a graphic identity for the $SHNEK environment.

✔ Website, official twitter account, telegram channel creation. 

✔ Create an organic community around our project. 

✔ Publish our first comic books. 

500 holders

Reaching the right people

Creation of the #LoveArmy and of the #LoveArmy weapons such as a meme generator, emote packs, TG group, discord and more… (keeping it secret for the hype 😎). ✔

Aggressive marketing on socials (thanks to the #LoveArmy and ambassadors). ✔

Give the first airdrops to the community. ✔

Negotiate with DEXs and big crypto-influencers to grow exponentially. ✔

Listings on reference websites especially Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.

Start collaborating with artists from the community

1 000 holders

Build the MeWaF’s MULTIVERSE fundations.

Start the development of the MeWaF’s METAVERSE.

Start the MeWaF’s donation program to NGOs (based on community votes).

‘Celebrating the minorities’ giant NFTs series on OpenSea.

Building the Good Feeling Community Discord for artists and fans.

5 000 holders

Give life to the MeWaF's Metaverse.

Launch the MeWaF’s NFT generator where you can obtain your own unique NFT Baby MeWaF.

Launch the first MeWaF‘s mini-P2E game where you'll be able to take care of you own unique Baby MeWaF.

Central Exchange platform listing.

25 000 holders

Spread the message beyond the cryptoverse.

Create the MeWaF’s NGO for the environment protection in order to become the first zero-emission token.

Produce our artists and help them to promote/sell their creation both IRL and in our metaverse.

Begin MeWaF’s community IRL actions.

Launch our own crypto-wallet.

50 000 holders

Maturity of MeWaF’s project

MeWaF’s metaverse is a completely decentralized social media platform.

$SHNEK can now be used as a payment method thanks to various partnerships with organizations matching our values.

Keep spreading the message.

100 000 holders

Keep spreading love!

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