1. Install Metamask

Visit Metamask.io and download the Metamask extension. Then setup your wallet.

2. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap or Moonlift

Go to Pancakeswap or Moonlift and connect your wallet. Make sure that you are connected on Binance Smart Chain. If you don’t know how to do, please check the Binance tuto.

3. Transfer BNB or USDT to your Wallet

In order to trade on the BSC, you need to purchase some coin from a centralized exchange like Binance. Then, send them to your Metamask.

Please check the Binance tuto by Cora to perform transfer from Binance to Metamask.

4. Find $SHNEK on PancakeSwap

In ‘trade’, ‘Exchange’, select currency and enter the following adress :


You can also go directly through this link :




For Moonlift, you have to manually enter the adress through their link :


5. Purchase

In the settings, set the slippage to 10%. Then Swap and you will get $SHNEK. Don’t forget to import your token in order to see it on your Metamask wallet !


Thank you for your attention <3 <3